Calyx OS: A privacy/security centric OS.


It’s no longer news that Android OS running on Google services collects and stores private browser data, thus becoming an awakening call for building this Android-based privacy/security-centric skin- the Calyx OS. 

Calyx OS will give you exactly what you would seek on Android but in a unique and, most importantly, secure format because it removes most apps, services, and activities that spy on what you do with your device.

So Calyx OS will like lead you to the web and destroy the road from which you got there so that your activities online can never be traced.

The unique features of Calyx OS

Features of Calyx OS

Uncompromising privacy

Many are discovering lately that a simple search on Google collects your private data and is sent to Google. Many reports of Google reveal such users’ private data to government officials when requested. This sends some phobia to you, right? 

Exactly what Calyx OS abhors in its entirety, making them replace everything that runs on Google in your phone. Your conventional Google service app, for instance, is replaced with what is called MircoG, which does exactly what the Google play service does, only that you cannot access payment-related services with it and that it does not infringe on your privacy.

Also, on privacy, Calyx OS uses signal messenger for sending and receiving calls, a Tor browser for accessing the internet, and numerous privacy-centered VPNs to keep your data secure even when you’re online.

The Calyx app store replaces the Google play store. 

Calyx OS is designed to contain two Apps stores, one among them functions like your conventional google play store, and it’s called Aurora. One of the things that makes Aurora much different from the Google Play Store is that once you click an app in the Aurora store, you are showing an alert of some possible data-stealing means in the app, like trackers, etc. 

The second app in the Calyx App Store is F-DROID, which takes the alert sending of Aurora to an advanced level. This app prevents the downloading of apps that can steal your private data.

Calyx OS comes with a panic button that allows users to uninstall apps at any time desired.

There is sensitive number privacy that keeps unrecorded in the call log calls you to make with helplines, such as Child Abuse, Suicide hotlines, and other related calls.

It is an open secret that you need a Gmail account before you gain access to the Google Play Store on Android or any device. What Calyx does here for your privacy is that it randomly creates a Gmail account for your device when you use their Aurora app store for app downloads.

Mozilla Location Service(and Dejavu) is the default location service.

Nomination is used as the default geocoding service. 

The benefits of Carlyx OS

Pros of Carlyx OS

The first benefit of using Carlyx OS is secured Internet privacy 

In Calyx OS, the Google Android search engine is replaced by DuckduckGo, making you capable of blocking advertisements and trackers.

WhatsApp and phone calls, plus other apps, are encrypted to avoid eavesdropping.

Google will not be able to know or give out your location or other activities you do with your device.

Tor browser in Calyx OS lets you browse the internet without tracking your information or location.

Your data in Calyx OS is backed up to a personal cloud server with strong encryption so that your privacy is never open to anyone.

Devices are still receiving updates from Calyx OS.

Unfortunately, not all Android devices can receive the Calyx OS. Currently, only the Google Pixel phones and Xiaomi Mi A2 support Calyx OS.

Below are some of them 

  1. Pixel 2, 2 XL
  2. Pixel 3, 3XL
  3. Pixel 3a, 3a XL
  4. Pixel 4, 4 XL
  5. Pixel 4a
  6. Pixel 4a 5G
  7. Pixel 5
  8. And Xiaomi Mi A2

Factors considered before choosing the Calyx OS as mentioned above, the supported device

Android 11.0: it’s pretty hectic to connect a newer Android version to a device. Owing to this, devices using the newest Android version are better options.

You are being able to relock your device bootloader even when installed with a custom OS. Calyx OS is designed to run with a locked bootloader after installation. This has to be well implemented so that you don’t boot any other OS. So far, a signed Calyx OS with private keys has been installed.

If you use a non-pixel device, note that Qualcomm SoC is preferred to other options due to their open-source device support code release through the Code Aurora forums.

Regular device version and security updates: Calyx OS does not miss Google’s monthly security update, the only open-source part of Calyx OS. A timely monthly update and Android version update are important in ensuring your device is up-to-date.

Now that we have seen eligible phones for Calyx OS and, of course, the factors considered before listing them as CalyxOS eligible smartphones, let’s look at how to install Calyx OS and de-Install Android if your phone already runs on Android.

How you can install Calyx OS

How to install Calyx OS

If your device is Calyx OS eligible, here are some pre-requisite to take note of before the actual download 

Backup your phone 

Depending on the one you use, you need to download Calyx Flasher either for Windows, Mac, or Linux. 


  • Linux f4e68992198868148ca2d4bd0fd40d0176da4058a188a3fdf80732d04a6c3543
  • MacOS 5e5542f51c1592e392114636f2e64fe9dae1cacaaf55c722822780ec5cbf9331
  • Windows 0cdaf47f1c97e43c70e0fe7cfff63fcaa140799ccc494bebf6451e96cbcdda6c

For windows, please do well to install Google USB Driver

And install ADB & Fastboot driver

Steps for the actual installation 

The downloaded Calyx flasher and Calyx OS image must be in the same folder, so copy the two in the same folder.

Through the use of a high-quality USB cable, link your phone to a PC (personal computer) 

Operate on the device Flasher tool that you have already downloaded while making sure that both the device flasher and Calyx image are in the same place

Upon opening the flasher, it will show some steps in Yellow. Follow all the steps you see that are in yellow.

But if the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) unlocking is turned off and greyed out, installing the Calyx OS may not be possible because it will not be allowed.

Once you enable the USB Debugging, you will see a popup on your device, be sure to select the always allow on this computer.

Again, the flasher will show some steps in Yellow. As before, just follow every step in yellow.

So after successfully turning off OEM unlocking and unlocking the bootloader, you will start to enjoy a de-googled Android without worries of being tracked and your privacy unhidden.

Calyx OS vs. Oxygen OS (comparison)

Calyx OS vs. Oxygen OS

 Calyx OS is two in its App Store. One sends you alerts of means by which an app could still use your data, while the other does not allow the download of such data-stealing apps, while Harmony OS does not have such high-tech security-specific apps.

Calyx OS is more privacy-centric than the Harmony OS

Both support a limited number of devices. Harmony, for instance, supports only Huawei smartphones, while Calyx Os only supports Google Pixel phones with one of Xiaomi phones (click here to read the full detail of Calyx OS)

Harmony OS does not use Google services like Google YouTube, Play store, etc., and so is it with Calyx OS 

Calyx OS randomly assigns users an email, a feature not obtainable in Harmony OS.

Conclusion on Calyx OS


In summary, If you need a highly privacy/security-oriented Operating System that will give you total privacy that no one can spy on or trace, then Calyx OS is the answer and nothing else.

Think privacy, think Calyx!

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